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Choosing a Sofa- A Seemingly Daunting Task!

Think about the pieces of furniture that are most used in your home. 99% of people would say that their number 1 most used piece is their bed, since we’re in it for 1/3 of each day, every day. After that there are a few options for #2, but generally the sofa (or sectional) would be the next most used. With so much time spent on your sofa, you want to make the right decision when purchasing, but there are so many options!

Norwood is here to help.

1.Decide on whether you need a sofa or sectional in your space. This comes down to the amount of room you have, the number of people who will be sitting on it each day, and the overall layout of the space. Some of you may know right away what you want due to other existing pieces of furniture (chairs, etc) or lack thereof. Others may need some help in this process, and lucky for you our complimentary interior design service includes a visit to your home with the creation of a personalized layout!

This is the Cindy by Rowe Furniture shown in both a sofa and sectional.

We currently have the sectional on the floor for you to test out.

2. Try before you buy. Really, this is a contender for #1 but it’s hard to shop when you don’t know which item you’re looking for. Now that you have a general idea of whether you’re searching for a sofa or sectional, go test some out! After all, comfort is really key here. Bring your spouse, kids, or whoever else will be frequenting the sofa and have them sit just as they would at home. Make sure they know what it feels like if their arms generally rest on the back of the sofa or if they like to position the cushions differently to lay back further. We really want you to get comfortable here! It’s hard to know what a sofa really feels like unless you’re using it the way you do at home.

There are so many different kinds of cushion fills- foam, gel, down, spring, but these really aren’t anything you need to stress about if you did your due diligence and comfort tested the piece first. Talking higher level, foams and springs are a bit firmer, the introduction of gel adds a “softer” feel, and down is very cushy/moldable. Most cushions do have a combination of materials in them as well. If you have specific concerns your sales associate will be more than happy to explain each of them to you and why one may be better or worse for your situation.

The Norwood Comfort Seating sectional above is known to be a bit more soft and cushy with its feather down fill.

3. Choose your specifications. Many of our sofas and sectionals have options for layouts (sectional), number of cushions (bench seat, 3 cushions vs. 2, etc.), and arm styles. If you’ve been playing around on Pinterest, choose your favorite 3 photos and really study the look of them. Is the arm square or round? Do you like the look and function of a chaise on a sectional? This will help you narrow things down, as will the expertise from your sales associate. As a general rule 3 cushions are pretty standard and traditional for a sofa, a bench cushion is generally a bit more upscale, and 2 cushions tend to give a more contemporary vibe. As far as arms go, a square or “track” arm is contemporary where a rounded arm will give a more traditional look.

Depending on the specific sofa/sectional you choose, there may also be options to add nailhead, do 2 different body fabrics, choose welting, etc. We know these options can get overwhelming, but do your research and trust your sales associate, you will love the final product!

This sectional is from Massoud, one of our most customizable manufacturers. Notice the slim curved arm, nailhead trim along the bottom, and also nailhead trim along the inside of the arm.

4. Select a body fabric. This is a tough one too, and you may certainly need to rely on our complimentary design service! Some manufacturers have thousands of fabric choices, while other may have 50… but either way that’s still a lot of choices. The best way to start is by knowing the wear of each fabric. If your room is high-traffic you may want to look at the kid-proof or krypton fabrics. From there you can narrow it down to a few colors that you like (based on your current space or furniture pieces) and focus on texture. You’ll be sitting on this sofa/sectional each day, often times in a robe, shorts, pajamas, etc., so the fabric should be comfortable on your skin. Feel it with your hands of course, but also test it on the inside of your arm where the skin is a bit more sensitive. You want your fabric to coordinate beautifully with what you have in the room already, hold up well to the kind of traffic that frequents the room, and feel comfortable.

A bold and beautiful fabric choice shown on a Lexington sofa.

5. Choose pillow fabrics. All of our sofas and sectionals come with a few accent pillows, anywhere from 2-6+. Choose these the same way as you did your body fabric. You’ll go slightly less neutral here, choose a pattern or color that will pop on your new sofa and coordinate with your existing decor.

We love this mix of patterns shown on a charcoal gray Craftmaster sofa.

6. Sit back, wait for the magic to happen, and enjoy your new sofa or sectional once it arrives!

We know this sounds like a daunting process, but that’s where the expertise of our interior design/sales associates comes in. They’ll be there to guide you every step of the way!

There’s also no better time than now to start searching, sofas and sectionals. They generally take 12 weeks to manufacture which means if ordered now they’ll arrive just in time for football season, score!

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you soon!

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