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Grand King Bed

Do you ever feel like your king bed just isn’t quite big enough? Meet the Grand King, at a whopping 98″ wide and 84″ long (in comparison a King is 76″ wide and 80″ long).

In 2011, Designer Shasta created her first Grand King for a customer who slept by taking up most of her current bed, and was in need of something larger. After scouring the internet for a large bed, we had another set of customers that came in having found out about Shasta’s 2011 project and were excited to create their very own Grand King. The customers’ goal was to create a space where their growing family could relax and nap together.

As you can imagine, everything had to be custom made for this massive bed, starting with the bed itself. After finding some inspiration around the showroom with their customers, Shasta and Janet used a local upholsterer to create the Grand King with a fabric they selected to meet the customers’ needs.

Next up is the mattress, custom made by one of Norwood’s mattress companies to fit perfectly into the new bed frame. Along with a custom mattress comes a custom mattress pad and sheets, all sourced by designers Shasta and Janet.

The last piece of the project was the bedding. Shasta and Janet had a duvet cover made out of washable fabric so that their customers could throw it in the wash at any time. Using the same washable fabric, a pop of color, and rope trim, they had 4 euro sized shams created to go across the back of the bed. The other three pillows are custom sizes, made to beautifully reach across the 84″ wide bed.

Whatever you can dream up, we can help you create it!

If you’d like to see more behind the scenes information on the project, check out this Youtube video featuring designers Shasta and Janet:

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