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Outdoor Drapery

Here in Arizona, 9 out of the 12 months each year are absolutely beautiful (well, at least 8), meaning that we spend more time outside than most of the country does. In turn, we take pride in having beautiful outdoor spaces where we can entertain, enjoy dinner with our families, and take cover on those hot summer pool days. Here at Norwood we believe in bringing the indoors-out, this means creating a space outside that feels just as much like “home” as your living room.

Outdoor design planning usually starts with furniture, which we can absolutely help you with, but today we wanted to talk about something different- outdoor drapery. We all have window coverings inside of our home, so why not have them outside too? Drapery can be used in a variety of ways as shown above including both for function and fashion and on windows or on ceilings. Our designers can put together a complete outdoor space for you from furniture to area rugs to drapery.

You’re probably wondering what makes drapery suitable for outdoor use vs. indoor. The biggest difference is the way that the fabric is dyed, outdoor fabric is solution-dyed, meaning that the material is dyed even before it’s formed into a thread. Indoor fabrics on the other hand are dyed once in thread form, or even once they’re made into a textile. This means outdoor fabrics are more steadfast, keeping their color longer. Some outdoor fabrics even have UV inhibitors, making them virtually indestructible by the sun.

We invite you to stop by Norwood today and take a look at our drapery department, where design dreams really do come true! We would love to help you create an outdoor oasis.

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