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Round, rectangle, oval or square–which one is for you?

The big topic of debate lately has been the shape of cocktail table–round, square, oval or rectangle?  Well, maybe “debate” is a strong word, but it has come up a lot in conversation with my customers and fellow designers lately.

There are definitely times when it is appropriate to use a certain shape, but not always. A round ottoman is preferable in tighter spaces and for use with sectionals incorporating a curved wedge piece in the center.  Often a square and round shape can be used in the same space and become only a matter of stylistic preference because they are equidistant on all sides.  If you are using two sofas in an “L” shape configuration, a square is generally recommended.  If you use a sofa and love seat in an “L” shape, a rectangle works best since the love seat is shorter.

Oval tables work well in the same spaces as rectangular ones, but they avoid the harsh edges–great for families with young kids! A square, rectangle, oval or round table could all be used when facing two sofas, depending on the shape of the sofas and width of the room. If the room isn’t very deep, use a rectangle. If the sofas are curved, a round table or ottoman works best. If you have a larger space, a square will fill it in nicely.

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