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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! The weather is wonderful and we can open our windows again, shake out the rugs and forge into that ever so exhausting and rewarding…Spring cleaning!

This year, as you are removing the storm shutters and squeegeeing the windows, take a moment to really look at the interior of your home. This is an ideal time to take care of spaces that you have been turning a blind eye to.

Do you remember when you purchased that lovely new sofa? You loved it on delivery but realized that those 1980 style polished brass table lamps would have to be replaced also. Or perhaps worse, you are using your child’s Pluto or still living with that Marilyn Monroe leg lamp that your husband owned in his bachelorhood. These pieces stand out like a sore thumb to friends and neighbors and you don’t even see them any more. Once upon a time, you had promised yourself that you would replace them….just as soon as you had a free weekend. Hah!

Spring is a great time to complete the entire room and give yourself that beautiful home that you have always wanted. It just takes a few steps and the first begins with opening your eyes and taking inventory.

Does the art on your walls reflect color, image and shape that you love? Does it speak to you? Do you feel good looking at it? Or is it something that you threw on the walls a few years ago as a space filler?

Do your accessories have purpose, or are they perhaps gifts that never really fit the room, sentimental pieces that belong someplace else, magazines that you are waiting to recycle? Spring is the time to open your discerning eye and edit that room. Accessories want to have a reason to be in your room. Their color and scale should fit the space.

Below see a few rooms in need of a little Spring Spruce up.

Now I realize that I have had a little fun with some of these examples and my have exaggerated a little but the message is real. We all can become immune to our surroundings if we allow it. The best part of interior design is learning to open your eyes.

If you would like some help with your spring cleaning (No! I don’t clean floors and windows) please come and see me at Norwood. We have some great accessories and ideas for Spring.

Cathe Weeks
Norwood Furniture

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