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Nature has a significant influence in the design of interiors & exteriors, furniture, window coverings, accessories for the home, as well as our own fashions and jewelry.  Elements in nature can be thought of as the jewelry of the design. For example, living coral from the sea can influence an entire room by the shapes it forms influencing the pattern and color of the fabric.

We look at todays’ runways and fashion magazines for tips on what’s new this season and apply that to our own wardrobe and accessories. The same can be applied to our living spaces. In design, the shapes, colors, design, accessories; especially window treatments and bedding are THE JEWELRY!

Not long ago, Norwood Furniture hosted a color workshop, where I featured a segment called “Ebb & Flow”, which talked about how water influenced everything from the colors of fabrics, and the design of the fabric patterns, to the selection of paint colors and the theme of the rooms. Colors from the sea in hues of aquamarine blues, sea blues, spa blues and as well as sky blues were featured.

In the book, “Colour Futures” by ICI Paints, the author writes: Water is, and always has been, both a necessity and a fascination of mankind. It speaks to our collective imagination in practical, spiritual and symbolic terms. Fluidity, liquidity, translucency and reflection are qualities and characteristics that fascinate designers.

Consider nature to influence your next home project, it is the jewelry of your design!


Norwood Furniture

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