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The Unique Design Project

Recently I was approached with a fairly unique project. I was asked to design a new addition to the home of one of my favorite customers. This customer had added on approximately 300 square feet to their formal living room and they presented me with a literal “blank slate”. The space was an addition to a room decorated with relics from the husband’s interesting hobby. He is a hunter. This space needed to harmonize with his collection of treasures from all over the world.  They took advantage of the design service offered at Norwood and I met them at their home with camera in hand to begin this latest challenge. In this blog you will see the before and after photos as we conquered the task.

To begin, diagrams were drawn to space plan the room for functional usage.  Once we had an agreement on spacial placement, we began looking at furnishings and styles that would match both the customers’ tastes and lifestyle to find the perfect reflection of the customer for the room.  Then textures in fabric, leather and wood tones were selected to anchor the space.

Once the furnishings and the flare of the room was decided, the choosing of the wall paint became easy. Chose a color that compliments the dominate character of the room. This takes a lot of stress and anxiety out of this simple yet often cautions decision. Paint is easy to change down the road, JUST GO FOR IT…

The window treatments were the final and finishing touches of the room.  At Norwood we think of the window treatments as the jewelry or the “eye lashes” of the room. We incorporated the same fabric and color from the upholstery to create harmony and rhythm in this once empty space.  The client was very happy with the window treatment and asked that we incorporate the treatments to their adjoining family room bringing both spaces together.  With the chosen paint color and the custom window treatments we added “pop” to the area.  The two rooms create rhythm and harmony in a space sure to be a relaxing retreat after a long week.

The top two photos below are the after shots of the empty room above:

Before Photo of family room:

After photo of family room:

Before photo of breakfast room:

After photo of breakfast room:

If you’re needing some design assistance, please make a appointment to meet me in the store. We will sit down, discuss your needs, tour our store and develop a plan to help you get the look you want.

Jody Marcus (Yes, Jody with a Y)
Norwood Furniture

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