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The Norwood Difference

We know there are plenty of stores to choose from, both locally and online, so why choose Norwood? Get cozy in your chair, because we’re about to tell you a list of reasons to shop with us!

Family Owned and Operated

Tom and Marj Brundrett, owners and founders of Norwood Furniture in Arizona, have created a collection of home furnishings that can only be referred to as, “irresistible.” Norwood is still run today by Tom, Marj, and their 3 children.

Norwood Furniture’s vast collection of furniture and accessories have been tediously selected for their irresistible appeal, superior quality, unique designs, rich and colorful fabrics, timeless finishes and functionality.

Four generations have maintained the tradition that began in the small town of Norwood, Ohio, continuing today to preserve a heritage of offering quality home furnishings and personal service that has become the family benchmark.

Norwood Furniture delivers fine furniture to some of the biggest names in interior design. Norwood has the highest level of quality. Financing is available to our qualified clients. Our commitment is to your satisfaction by providing the highest quality furniture and having a constantly renewing stock in our very tastefully decorated showroom.

Our Vision

“To become the preferred choice to shop for home furnishings and accessories.”

Our Mission

“To consistently provide professional and friendly service to help our customers enhance the beauty and comfort of their home.”

Our Promise of Satisfaction
In Price, Quality, Service and Value

At Norwood we are committed to excellence in serving you. Norwood Furniture is continually striving to present you with beautifully displayed quality and value oriented furnishings at the best possible prices.

Norwood Furniture appreciates and understands the importance of earning your business with every contact.

Norwood Furniture realizes that excellent customer service is essential to maintain good customer relations.

Norwood Furniture’s job and responsibility isn’t complete just because you purchased a product and have it in your home; Norwood Furniture stands behind the products you buy. Supporting all furniture manufacture’s warranty’s as well as our own stringent product standards.

In other words Norwood Furniture services our customers’ needs and sells brands you can trust!

Shop with Assurance!
Norwood Furniture’s Low Price Guarantee

Norwood Furniture will match or refund the difference on any verifiable pricing regarding the same furniture, including the same terms and service with any authorized dealer in the Phoenix area for a period of 30 days from date of purchase.

Community Focus

Norwood is proud to donate to our local community by holding fundraisers throughout the year for various causes. In 2018, Norwood donated over $20,000 to organizations like Save the Family, the United Food Bank, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and the W. Steven Martin 911 Police Toy Drive.

One of our most recent donations was a sofa and rug to Gilbert Elementary School’s Calm Down Room. This room teaches children how to remove themselves from a stressful situation, identify their feelings when they enter the room, and use different tools to calm down and refocus before they return to class. The room is filled with different sensory toys, cocoon seats, a calming art center, mindfulness activities, tools to identify their feelings and try to figure out where these intense emotions are coming from (trauma at home or difficulty at school, etc.) and then give them a chance to refocus their energy and emotions so they can have a successful rest of their day at school.

Gilbert Elementary is one of the first schools in the area to create a Calm Down Room and Norwood was thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful project. Thank you for all you do for our local kids, Gilbert Elementary!

Complimentary Interior Design

Aside from our promise of satisfaction, community service, and family owned roots, our complimentary interior design service even further helps to set Norwood apart. We believe that purchasing furniture should be an experience, one that lands you in the creation of your dream space.

We can help you create the home you’ve been dreaming of.

You read the decorating magazines and watch all the HGTV shows.You see many different room settings you love but are struggling on deciding how and where to start. Achieving the look and feel you want for your home can be a daunting and time consuming endeavor.

This is where Norwood Furniture can help.

Our Home Plan Interior Design is a process that helps you develop, formulate and refine your ideas into a beautiful, realistic plan within an agreed upon budget. This service has helped a countless number of our clients avoid costly mistakes and achieve the room and home they’ve always wanted!

If you would like professional assistance in coordinating the interior of one room or a whole home, please stop by or call 480-892-0174 and we will be glad to go over our Complimentary Home Plan Design Service.


Norwood has hundreds of testimonials from clients who have loved working with us, and we love them! We have a 4.8 star rating on google with over 300 reviews. You can find our reviews from Google, Facebook, and our website here: https://www.norwoodfurniture.com/testimonials.inc.

“We bought complete living room, dining room, master bedroom, spare bedroom and office sets of furniture from Norwood for our new home. Additionally, we purchased five rooms of Berber carpeting from Norwood – including all installation. Our process was accelerated due to time constraints relative to our move. We worked closely with Hazelyn, and also interacted with Todd – Norwood’s owner. Since the initial purchase (December 2018), we have purchased a couple additional pieces from Norwood. While we ran into a couple snags – likely due to the time constraints under which we were working – Todd and the Norwood group were supportive and stood behind all work and furniture purchases. Todd and Hazelyn were often available and reachable after and/or before normal business hours, and were accommodating as possible in moving our furniture acquisition to successful closure (though we are waiting for delivery a few pieces that were back-ordered, which is extremely normal in this business). Knowing that we did not have a living room sofa or sectional to use, and that the one we custom-ordered would take several weeks to complete – Norwood really stepped up to the plate by loaning us a sectional for our use, until completion of the sectional that we special-ordered. Additionally, Norwood’s delivery and warehouse team have been fabulous. During the initial delivery of nearly an entire houseful of furniture, they never as much as touched a wall or a door jamb – which was important to us since the house was just freshly painted inside and out. I guess the main question is “would we go back to Norwood again?” The answer is, “We already have”. Kudos to Hazelyn for a job well done. And special Kudos to Todd for his support and for also standing behind everything Norwood has done with us. Thanks team; nice job!”

-Fred K., 5 Star Google Review, 2/14/19

Here at Norwood we strive to create lasting relationships with our customers, uncover true needs, and create the space of you and your family’s dreams.

We would love to help you! We invite you to visit us today to meet with one of our designers, walk our showroom floor, and get started on your home plan.


Choosing a Sofa- A Seemingly Daunting Task!

Think about the pieces of furniture that are most used in your home. 99% of people would say that their number 1 most used piece is their bed, since we’re in it for 1/3 of each day, every day. After that there are a few options for #2, but generally the sofa (or sectional) would be the next most used. With so much time spent on your sofa, you want to make the right decision when purchasing, but there are so many options!

Norwood is here to help.

1.Decide on whether you need a sofa or sectional in your space. This comes down to the amount of room you have, the number of people who will be sitting on it each day, and the overall layout of the space. Some of you may know right away what you want due to other existing pieces of furniture (chairs, etc) or lack thereof. Others may need some help in this process, and lucky for you our complimentary interior design service includes a visit to your home with the creation of a personalized layout!

This is the Cindy by Rowe Furniture shown in both a sofa and sectional.

We currently have the sectional on the floor for you to test out.

2. Try before you buy. Really, this is a contender for #1 but it’s hard to shop when you don’t know which item you’re looking for. Now that you have a general idea of whether you’re searching for a sofa or sectional, go test some out! After all, comfort is really key here. Bring your spouse, kids, or whoever else will be frequenting the sofa and have them sit just as they would at home. Make sure they know what it feels like if their arms generally rest on the back of the sofa or if they like to position the cushions differently to lay back further. We really want you to get comfortable here! It’s hard to know what a sofa really feels like unless you’re using it the way you do at home.

There are so many different kinds of cushion fills- foam, gel, down, spring, but these really aren’t anything you need to stress about if you did your due diligence and comfort tested the piece first. Talking higher level, foams and springs are a bit firmer, the introduction of gel adds a “softer” feel, and down is very cushy/moldable. Most cushions do have a combination of materials in them as well. If you have specific concerns your sales associate will be more than happy to explain each of them to you and why one may be better or worse for your situation.

The Norwood Comfort Seating sectional above is known to be a bit more soft and cushy with its feather down fill.

3. Choose your specifications. Many of our sofas and sectionals have options for layouts (sectional), number of cushions (bench seat, 3 cushions vs. 2, etc.), and arm styles. If you’ve been playing around on Pinterest, choose your favorite 3 photos and really study the look of them. Is the arm square or round? Do you like the look and function of a chaise on a sectional? This will help you narrow things down, as will the expertise from your sales associate. As a general rule 3 cushions are pretty standard and traditional for a sofa, a bench cushion is generally a bit more upscale, and 2 cushions tend to give a more contemporary vibe. As far as arms go, a square or “track” arm is contemporary where a rounded arm will give a more traditional look.

Depending on the specific sofa/sectional you choose, there may also be options to add nailhead, do 2 different body fabrics, choose welting, etc. We know these options can get overwhelming, but do your research and trust your sales associate, you will love the final product!

This sectional is from Massoud, one of our most customizable manufacturers. Notice the slim curved arm, nailhead trim along the bottom, and also nailhead trim along the inside of the arm.

4. Select a body fabric. This is a tough one too, and you may certainly need to rely on our complimentary design service! Some manufacturers have thousands of fabric choices, while other may have 50… but either way that’s still a lot of choices. The best way to start is by knowing the wear of each fabric. If your room is high-traffic you may want to look at the kid-proof or krypton fabrics. From there you can narrow it down to a few colors that you like (based on your current space or furniture pieces) and focus on texture. You’ll be sitting on this sofa/sectional each day, often times in a robe, shorts, pajamas, etc., so the fabric should be comfortable on your skin. Feel it with your hands of course, but also test it on the inside of your arm where the skin is a bit more sensitive. You want your fabric to coordinate beautifully with what you have in the room already, hold up well to the kind of traffic that frequents the room, and feel comfortable.

A bold and beautiful fabric choice shown on a Lexington sofa.

5. Choose pillow fabrics. All of our sofas and sectionals come with a few accent pillows, anywhere from 2-6+. Choose these the same way as you did your body fabric. You’ll go slightly less neutral here, choose a pattern or color that will pop on your new sofa and coordinate with your existing decor.

We love this mix of patterns shown on a charcoal gray Craftmaster sofa.

6. Sit back, wait for the magic to happen, and enjoy your new sofa or sectional once it arrives!

We know this sounds like a daunting process, but that’s where the expertise of our interior design/sales associates comes in. They’ll be there to guide you every step of the way!

There’s also no better time than now to start searching, sofas and sectionals. They generally take 12 weeks to manufacture which means if ordered now they’ll arrive just in time for football season, score!

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you soon!


Home Entertainment

Did you know that 96.5% of Americans have TV’s in their home? With that staggering number, it’s no surprise that home entertainment furniture is in high demand.

If you’re going to have a big black box of daily entertainment, you may as well make its surroundings pretty right? Norwood is here to help! There are a few different options when it comes to storing components and displaying your television: consoles, entertainment centers/wall units, and built-ins. The first two are the most popular options since they can travel with you as you move homes, are generally more budget-friendly, and can add any kind of style/color you like without having to worry about re-sale value.


Consoles are the more versatile option next to wall unit entertainers. They’re smaller, so can fit in a variety of spaces, and don’t have to be used for TV’s/entertainment. In the last photo you can see a console beautifully anchoring a piece of art. If you ever decide to move, or your needs for an entertainer change, the console can be moved and used in a dining space, hallway, entryway, or even behind a sofa.

Consoles are generally a more modern option as well with their simple design and shape. We find that consoles look best when your TV is wall mounted and component cords are run behind the wall. We promise this isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and it’s so worth it for a clean look! There are plenty of at-home kits on the market to run the cords yourself, or a quick call to your handyman and electrician will do the trick.

If you feel like your wall is somewhat “empty” without the hutches that are traditionally used on wall units, add sconces to either side of your TV or artwork above the television to for a little more visual appeal.

Below are some of our favorite consoles for both style and function:

Curata Entertainment Console:

Looking like it is floating on air, the Curata entertainment center features four doors and one adjustable shelf behind each pair of doors, a ventilated back panel, a 3-plug outlet and center channel speaker area.

Create a curated chic modern look with an eclectic mix of sophisticated materials and finishes in the Curata Collection. Curata, meaning “curated” in Italian, mixes materials like black nickel, stainless brushed brass and marble with three distinct rustic modern finishes for a simple, yet urbane design. Inspired by timeless shapes and chic materials, Curata exudes a “less is more” feel by spotlighting the design of each piece and giving precise attention to detail.

The finish is a deep, brown called Midnight. Hardware is a brushed brass pull.

Roslyn County Credenza:

From farm-to-decor looks to rustic luxe, AMERICAN LIFE evokes a sense of community, easy living and authentic craftsmanship. The classic farm-to-decor collection, Roslyn County, offers heirloom quality and hand-crafted appeal with a simple style that demonstrates how Americans are living. Roslyn County is crafted in Walnut and Hickory, waxed and luxurious to the hand. Roslyn County’s big-scale pieces will be at home all across America. Trestle bases, planking, rake-back spindles and marquetry add interest to the simple lines of Roslyn County. Metal-bar hardware in an oil-rubbed bronze finish with bolts on the ends complete the look.

Modern Romance 4 Door Console:

In a world that seems to spin faster each day, with new technologies constantly emerging to help keep us connected at all times, creating relaxing spaces to escape from the pressures of modern life is a growing trend in home design. Building on this movement, Hooker Furniture introduces Modern Romance, a whole home collection designed to help consumers create a tranquil place of retreat from their always on and ever-busy lifestyles. Modern Romance features soft, feminine silhouettes that create a calm and peaceful escape from our hectic lives. Refined and sophisticated, the collection has a serene presence which achieved by the use of materials, textures, shapes and soft finishes. Marble details provide a natural element, while an assortment of champagne-tone hardware, mercury glass and aluminum details add character to selected pieces.

Soft, taupe grey wood-tone finish with champagne accents and antique mirror doors with brass-colored metal buttons.

Wall Units:

Wall unit entertainment centers are large statement making pieces with lots of space for components, storage, and decor. If you’ve got a large wall to fill and need space to store various items in your living space, a wall unit may be a good option for you.

Wall units also come in multiple pieces and sometimes those pieces can be used on their own. This  way if your style changes over the years and you opt for a cleaner look, you can remove the hutch to leave the console beneath and put the bookshelves in another space.

Below are some of our favorite wall units along with descriptions of the pieces that each comes with.

Sorella Four Piece Wall Group:

There are many comfortable ways to spend quality time with family and friends. We invite you to make our Sorella collection part of your home. When you add their ingredients of style, grace and comfort you are in for a true experience.

A taupe-colored antique finish with a light washed white undertone. Water spots and other finish techniques are used to create a natural, reclaimed wood look.

Clermont Four Piece Wall Group:

The charming Clermont Four Piece Wall Group is crafted using poplar solids and cherry veneers.

Left Pier: Three adjustable shelves; one fixed shelf.
Right Pier: Three adjustable shelves; one fixed shelf.
Entertainment Console: Two wood-framed beveled glass doors with one adjustable shelf behind each; two utility drawers with dividers for CD/DVD storage; one three plug electrical outlet; removable waist and base molding.
Entertainment Console Hutch: One adjustable shelf; two lights controlled by three-intensity touch switch.

Onslow Entertainment System:

Consisting of a left and right pier cabinet, a center hutch, and a back panel, the Onslow Home Entertainment Wall System is the ultimate storage add-on for chic living spaces.

Fireplace Console:

Ok yes, I know we said there were two main options for home entertainment, but this one is just too beautiful not to share! For those of you who love the ambiance of a fireplace but can’t commit to putting a permanent one in your home, consider a fireplace console.

Here in Arizona fireplaces are few and far between due to our seemingly year-long summer, but we can still appreciate the beauty that a fire brings to a space. These consoles do just that, provide ambiance without much effort or heat! The even better news is that if you do get a bit chilly, they include a built-in heater as well.

Big Sur

Crafted of hardwood solids and variegated walnut veneers in a casual distressed finish, these pieces capture the natural, raw beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway’s seaside cliffs and misty coastline.

Big Sur’s finish and the variegated Walnut grain feature natural color variations for a true organic and sophisticated rustic look.

Have I convinced you yet? We’ve got a few of these beauties on the showroom floor and invite you to come see them in person! Truly though, no matter what you decide Norwood Furniture has you covered for home entertainment.

Thanks for stopping by!


2019 Color Trends

With each new year comes a fresh wave of design trends, often a play off of last year’s trends with a few changes and additions sprinkled in. Color is essential in the world of interior design- from the paint on the walls, to the furniture, rug, window coverings, and accessories, all of the colors in the space have to flow and compliment one another.

This year gray continues to trend, but in a bit of a different shade (Pewter), along with Living Coral, Blush, and an unexpected warm Clay color.

  1. Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral

From Pantone, “Vibrant, yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.

In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy. Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression.

Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media”.

Living Coral probably isn’t the first color you’d think to put in your home, but it’s sure a bright and fun addition to the neutral grays we’ve seen in years past. Before searching the internet for inspiration, I assumed the color would likely be used on accent walls and accessories, but was pleasantly surprised to see the designs above. A fun coral couch, accent chairs, dining chairs, or an entertainment center is sure to brighten your day each time your enter your home.

More from Pantone, “Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color”. We love this perspective on the color- it’s getting back to nature in a fun, upbeat, and truly mesmerizing way.

If you’re feeling bold, why not add a little Living Coral to your home!

2. Blush Pink

We’ve seen blush in various forms over the years- first starting in the wedding industry, then moving into fashion, and finally in home interiors. In 2016 Pantone named Rose Quartz one of its colors of the year, and the tone has been here to stay ever since.

From Pantone, “As consumers seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent. Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure”.

Roze Quartz, or Blush, beautifully compliments the grays, neutrals, and blues that we’ve seen recently in interior design. It’s a soft, feminine color that provides serenity to a space.

As seen in the photos above, blush looks particularly stunning on velvet upholstery, and perfectly pops when paired with a bold more masculine color. Blush has also made its way into light fixtures and hardware, in the form of rose gold.

If you’re wanting to stick with neutrals when investing in furniture, try painting your space in a sweet blush hue. Blush is considered timeless, but also very “now”, so paint is a great option to be easily changed out in the future.

3. Clay

You may not have expected this one. Clay is one of the most popular colors of 2019, likely due to Sherwin Williams naming their 2019 color of the year Cavern Clay.

From Sherwin Williams, “A warm terracotta color with ancient, elemental roots, Cavern Clay SW 7701, is our 2019 Color of the Year. Cavern Clay is a nod to midcentury modern style, but with the soul of the American Southwest, which together creates a desert modern aesthetic.

This warm, earthy hue is both casual and refined. It can be the backdrop of a playful, welcoming dining room or kitchen when paired with bright tiles, warm stone and sculptural greenery. Complementary materials include leather, simple woodgrains and indigenous cacti in contemporary, sleek gardening planters.

Cavern Clay is an easy way to bring the warmth of the outdoors in. Envision beaches, canyons and deserts, and sun-washed late summer afternoons—all of this embodied in one color”.

Clay is a beautiful extension of the neutral homes we’ve become accustomed to with its subtle yet statement making natural hue. With our desert landscape and warm climate, Arizona is the perfect place to give the color Clay a chance to shine in your home.

4. Warmer Grays / Pewter

Gray is here to stay, just in a bit of a warmer colorway this year. We’ve seen years of cool gray tones from paint to furniture to cabinetry and upholstery. As white walls increase in popularity, the design industry is moving toward a warmer gray to balance the stark white.

From the Decoraid Trending Colors in 2019 blog, “The perfect gray-beige and a rich alternative to all white walls, pewter paint colors provide an almost blank canvas that’s anything but bland.

Though it should have been a standard before it was shortlisted as one of the best paint colors for 2019, this is one color trend not to be underestimated. In fact, our interior designers suggest taking pewter paint color ideas throughout your home rather than just one room as its one shade that works with everything, everywhere”.

Warmer gray tones also evoke a more “homey” feel, less stark and more cozy, ideal for family-centered spaces and master bedrooms.

Unlike the cooler gray tones, pewter also pairs well with all metals from silver to gold and brass, making it ideal for cabinetry in kitchens, built ins, and laundry rooms.

This stunning sectional is one of the most recent additions to our showroom. With the rust accent pillows, and a warm pewter body fabric, it’s sure to make your home “trendy” in 2019, but also timeless with its simple shape, pillow back, and overall neutral look.

We invite you to visit Norwood today to allow on of our Interior Designers to help you create a space that will fit your lifestyle and taste in every way! Some “trends” are only temporary, but when done right your favorite “trend” can be styled timelessly in your home. We’d be honored to help you make that happen.

Thanks for stopping by!


Meet Our Designers

Here at Norwood Furniture in Gilbert, Arizona we pride ourselves in design, not just selling home furnishings, but also creating a space where our clients will truly feel at home. Our complimentary interior design program allows our 12 interior designers to get a sense of your design and home furnishing needs, visit your home to plan out the space, and choose each piece of furniture, art, and accessory to perfectly compliment what you already have in your room (within a budget of course).

You read the decorating magazines, peruse the drool-worthy homes on Pinterest, and watch all the HGTV shows. You see many different room settings you love but are struggling on deciding how and where to start. Between purchasing furniture, choosing paint colors, deciding on a layout, choosing lighting and accessories for the space, achieving the look and feel you want for your home can be a daunting and time consuming endeavor.

This is where Norwood Furniture can help, our skilled and experienced interior designers will assist you in creating the home you have always dreaming of.

Our Home Plan Interior Design is an efficient process that helps you develop, formulate and refine your ideas into a beautiful, realistic plan within an agreed upon budget. This service has helped a countless number of our clients avoid costly mistakes and achieve the room and home that they and their families have always wanted!

Above is a living space created by designer Shasta in one of her clients’ homes.

In today’s blog post we wanted to introduce you to each of our designers and share a little bit about why they love design and working with clients so much. You can read more about each of them and see some of their interior design projects here.


Hannah G.:

Hannah has always loved creating, and encourages clients to not be afraid of color. Hannah says that her favorite part about helping people design and furnish their home is, “To be able to walk them through the process and make it enjoyable. Listening and understanding my clients’ likes and dislikes, lifestyle and needs, so their home feels comfortable and inviting and reflects their personality”.


Hazelyn W.:

Hazelyn is a horse lover, LPGA veteran, and has owned her own design and home furnishings businesses in the past. Hazelyn says her favorite part about design is the reward, “I love the before and after. When I get the big smiles and hugs from my clients, that is my biggest reward”.


Janet D.:

Janet has been in the interior design business for over 27 years. She’s also our window coverings and drapery specialist. Janet says, “There’s nothing more gratifying than the grins on my clients’ faces during deliveries and window treatment installations when everything we have planned so carefully snaps together into a beautiful room that they LOVE”.


Jody M.:

Jody is an Arizona Native who has practiced design for over 20 years. Jody says, “What I love most in designing is to be able to help my client shape their environment with imagination and vision. Along with the ability to deliver results, for my clients to love for years to come”.


Kendra L.:

Kendra loves using color and texture in her designs, she says that although neutral is beautiful it can always be enhanced with a pop of color. “I truly enjoy creating spaces that reflect a client’s personality and responds well to their lifestyle needs, while offering an aesthetically pleasing and pleasant atmosphere”.


Liana C.:

Liana is an energetic mother of 5 who has always had a passion for fashion and design. Liana says her favorite part about design is, “Helping clients find joy and comfort in their personal space”.


Lisa J.:

Lisa has always had a love the arts- fashion, painting, cosmetics, and design. She decided to bring her love of people and creativity to Norwood Furniture and says, “I truly enjoy getting to know my clients, learning about their home furnishing needs and showing them that together we can accomplish the look and feel they have been dreaming of”.


Maja F.:

Maja is an Interior Designer, has worked in staging, and has her Feng Shui professional designation. Maja says, “What I love most about helping people design and furnish their home is that it is their space and interior design is a very personal process which results in a timeless look and feel and gives the home individuality. I love to help people design and furnish their home so their space reflects their personality and tells their story. I like to bring out of my clients how a room makes them feel and that is what good interior design does. I like to create highly individualized interiors that match their needs and desires”.


Maria P.:

Maria was born in Poland but lived throughout Europe and Australia, experiencing great art, architecture and design. Maria says, “I most love meeting different people and working with their design challenges. We then work on creative solutions together and achieve some fun and unique results!”.


Melanie W.:

Melanie loves the sunshine and the Arizona desert. With a background in real estate, she decided to pursue her interior design career here at Norwood. “It’s a great feeling to help people uncover their total home needs and present options in furniture, rugs, art, wallpaper and drapery to have a cohesive look to help achieve their goals for their home.”


Shasta P.:

Shasta is an Arizona native with nearly 20 years of experience in the interior design industry. “I love putting my clients’ minds at ease so they can relax and enjoy the design process.  My favorite thing is when the project comes to completion and the clients say it looks even better than they ever imagined.”


Susan R.:

Susan is originally from Boston but has been an Arizona resident for 7 years. Susan draws her inspiration from nature and says her favorite part of being an interior designer is, “A complete satisfaction in the clients’ enjoyment of their gorgeous new space”.


Norwood’s Home Plan Interior Design Program include 4 steps:

  1. Meet with your designer & take a store tour: One of our designers will take you through our 35,000 square foot furniture and accessory showroom to get to know your likes & dislikes and start developing your vision, style, and a budget you’re comfortable with.
  2. Home visit: At your home visit our designers will measure, sketch, and take note of any items we’ll be working with to incorporate into the final design of your room.
  3. Design presentation created just for you: You’ll visit our showroom and meet with your designer to see what they’ve crafted just for you. Plans, products and colors all come together creating the room you’ve been dreaming of.
  4. Delivery Day/Installation: Our white glove delivery team brings your new furniture and accessories to your home and sets them up in your space. Finally, your dreams come to life…. Very Exciting!

Now that you’ve heard a little about each of our interior designers, we invite you to visit our showroom at 216 N Gilbert Rd in downtown Gilbert, and allow one of these fabulous ladies to work their magic on your space. To request a complimentary interior design consultation online, visit our website here.

Thanks for stopping by!


Christmas Decor Sale!

What better time than now to decorate your tree, while ornaments are 50% off! We have 3 beautiful trees in the center of our store, each reflecting a slightly different Christmas style, and each filled with unique, high-quality ornaments. We’d love for you to stop by and pick up a few ornaments of your own since all of our holiday décor is currently 50% off. It’s never too late to get that tree up after all!

The first tree featured in our store has beautiful gold, brown, and copper hues with uniquely shaped glass ornaments and plenty of sparkle. Other ornaments on this tree reflect the outdoors with stunning oversized gold stag heads, glass acorns, and silk tree picks with aspen leaves adorning them.

Tree number two is both classic and colorful. We used a classic green tree as the backdrop to colorful ornaments of varying sizes and styles. If color is catching your eye this year, these ornaments are for you! Most have at least 2-3 colors with a fun design, some dimension, and even a little sparkle.

The third tree is whimsical and fun with a flocked twig tree as the background, oversized ornaments take center stage. This tree has most of the classic Christmas colors, with a twist! Typical green is replaced with a punchy lime color, black is added in for a little dimension amongst the white, gold, and silver ornaments, and the red is slightly brighter than your usual Christmas red. Tree number three proves one thing, the more the merrier!


The Season of Dining Tables

September marks the start of our Season of Celebration- a sale focused around decorating your home for the holidays! We know it may seem soon, but in order to ensure your new pieces come in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s best to order sooner rather than later. This time of year we focus on a few different pieces- dining tables and chairs, and living room seating in preparation for out of town guests and entertaining. Today we are sharing some of our favorite dining tables that are both stylish and functional, allowing for more eating and less stress this upcoming holiday season.

  1. Menlo Park Dining

The Menlo Park dining room set has a rectangle stone top table with a metal “X” base, mixing a natural element with a more contemporary feel. The chairs have a coordinating metal base, shorter back, and medium gray upholstery. This set is beautifully stylish, modern, and comfortable for hosting a small gathering in your home.

2. Chateau Dining

The Chateau dining table has a wooden top with an inset edge and charcoal gray accent striping on the top. The tapered legs are finished with metal ferrules in a platinum finish. With the two 20-inch leaves, this dining table extends to 120—inches, comfortably seating ten.

3. Canadel’s Customizable Dining

Do you have an idea of what you’d like and can’t seem to find it anywhere? Norwood can help! Canadel’s customizable dining program has plenty of options to meet your needs from different table sizes and shapes, finishes, leg styles, a variety of chairs, and upholstery fabrics.

We would love to help you find the dining table of your dreams, check out more here. Thanks for stopping by!


Grand King Bed

Do you ever feel like your king bed just isn’t quite big enough? Meet the Grand King, at a whopping 98″ wide and 84″ long (in comparison a King is 76″ wide and 80″ long).

In 2011, Designer Shasta created her first Grand King for a customer who slept by taking up most of her current bed, and was in need of something larger. After scouring the internet for a large bed, we had another set of customers that came in having found out about Shasta’s 2011 project and were excited to create their very own Grand King. The customers’ goal was to create a space where their growing family could relax and nap together.

As you can imagine, everything had to be custom made for this massive bed, starting with the bed itself. After finding some inspiration around the showroom with their customers, Shasta and Janet used a local upholsterer to create the Grand King with a fabric they selected to meet the customers’ needs.

Next up is the mattress, custom made by one of Norwood’s mattress companies to fit perfectly into the new bed frame. Along with a custom mattress comes a custom mattress pad and sheets, all sourced by designers Shasta and Janet.

The last piece of the project was the bedding. Shasta and Janet had a duvet cover made out of washable fabric so that their customers could throw it in the wash at any time. Using the same washable fabric, a pop of color, and rope trim, they had 4 euro sized shams created to go across the back of the bed. The other three pillows are custom sizes, made to beautifully reach across the 84″ wide bed.

Whatever you can dream up, we can help you create it!

If you’d like to see more behind the scenes information on the project, check out this Youtube video featuring designers Shasta and Janet:

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Seating for the Whole Family

Sectional 1Sectional 2Sectional 3Sectional 4

Do you struggle with seating in your home? Do you want something stylish yet large and comfortable to entertain with? Sectionals are the answer! Sectionals (even leather ones) have become increasingly stylish over the years and with some of the programs Norwood has to offer, can be totally customized to your family’s needs.

If you love the look of light upholstery but need something that can stand the test of time, our “kid-proof” fabrics may do just the trick. We encourage you to come see all of our sectionals in person and talk with our designers who can show you the many configurations available for each of the pieces we carry.

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Vahallan Hand-Painted Wall Coverings

Wallpaper is a beautiful choice, but even more stunning are these hand-painted wall coverings from Vahallan.

VAHALLAN was established in 1997 after the owner, Dan Nelson, attempted to repair a section of damaged wallpaper in his own home. Once he realized a simple repair option didn’t exist, he became inspired to create a much more artistic wall covering alternative that would be applied to the wall in smaller “panels”.

He envisioned that smaller decorative panels would not only create more beautiful walls, it would also improve the reparability of any paper damage. Through years of hard work, perseverance and constant innovation, Dan and the Vahallan team continues to build on VAHALLAN’s strong reputation for creating some of the finest decorative wall coverings in the industry.

The unique part about these wall coverings is their texture, which makes them even more visually incredible. If you’re looking to add a show-stopping element of design to your home, visit us today to inquire about Vahallan’s product!